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How We Work

Each client's situation and challenges and goals are different, so we do not have a one-size-fits-all approach.

We evaluate your situation and target business potential with you before committing and developing our proposal.

For turnarounds and performance improvement, we evaluate the track record and status of your local team and the key issues dragging down performance within the local competitive environment. For new entry or re-entry engagements, we look at the market opportunity, the competition, and your preparedness. For technology licensing and services, we look at the companies that populate your target market. For strategic acquisitions or for financial investments, we scope out the breadth of the management agenda as well as the risks and due diligence landscape

From this careful pre-engagement evaluation, we both understand your business potential and the actions for us to take together to achieve your requirements. Our agreed deliverables, timescales and performance metrics are then formalized in our written proposal to you. Where possible, our fee structure emphasizes incentives for achievement and sharing the rewards of success.

We advise small-cap and mid-cap clients seeking to achieve their revenue potential in the Korea market and we advise Korean small-cap, mid-cap and SMB companies expanding internationally. We have more than thirty years of focused experience and we are good at what we do.