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Karl Moskowitz

Karl Moskowitz works with the managements of technology-intensive clients to achieve business traction and visible results in the Korea market and he works as a senior adviser to Korean SMBs and small-cap and mid-cap companies that are expanding globally and developing new businesses with foreign partners.

Fascinated by his year-abroad experience in resurgent, high-growth Japan in the Tokyo Olympics year of 1964, Karl set out to penetrate and understand the business systems that drove the Japanese and Korean economic miracles.

He learned the languages and then spent several years in Korea and Japan conducting original research on business organization and behavior.

Appointed to the faculty of Harvard University in 1978, Karl established the Korea Institute at Harvard in 1981 while continuing his research in Korea and Japan. From 1979, he began working with corporate clients both directly and in association with Braxton Associates, a prominent strategy consulting firm headquartered in Boston.

In 1984 Karl established KSA Ltd as the platform to expand his consulting services to enterprise clients.

Responding to rising demand and challenging assignments with global corporations, in 1985 Karl left Harvard and relocated to Seoul to focus fulltime on KSA Ltd’s client engagements in Korea and Japan.

As maturing growth transformed the business environment and key success factors in Korea and Japan, Karl concentrated KSA Ltd's practice on technology-intensive small-cap and mid-cap clients where he works directly with management to achieve target business results.

Karl is a director of two private companies and is on the advisory boards of several companies and non-profit organizations.

Karl continues to contribute to education and research on contemporary Korea and Japan. He is an Associate of the Center for Korean Studies at the University of Hawaii and he is a faculty facilitator in senior management programs. His books have been translated and published in Korea and Japan, and he often speaks and writes on Asian business issues.

Karl Moskowitz graduated from Indiana University with an A.B. in East Asian Languages and Literature, and he received an A.M. in Regional Studies – East Asia and a Ph.D. in History and East Asian Languages from Harvard University.